5 Ways to Sell a Used Car

Selling Your Old Vehicle?


Your Car Sold – 5 Ways to Sell Up

An important question to ask yourself…

“What’s more important to you? – A quick, convenient sale, or getting your vehicles full market value?”

This category of The Used Car Guy is all about selling. Whether you’re selling your old car to upgrade to a newer model or just want to turn your car into cash, this category will help you achieve your goal.

Part exchanging your car into a dealer is not always the convenient way to move your car on. You may have your eye on a car that’s being sold privately, from a friend and/or you want more money for your car than a dealer is prepared to offer you.

The 5 Ways to Sell Your Old Motor:


  1. Sell My Car Privately With Autotrader – This can bring you the most money for your old car but the process often takes a little time (7 days)
  2. Valuing a used car with Autotrader – Specific to the leading car selling platform, learn the correct worth of your car using a free tool and strategy developed by me over the last fifteen years.
  3. Documentation and receipts – What paperwork must you complete how to write a sales invoice that keeps you both safe and legal.
  4. Buy My Car, Car Buying Website Services – Such as We Buy Any Car and Trusted Car Buyers – Quick, effective, but you’ll sell for dramatically less than market value. Check out my massive comprehensive free guide for all the information you need to get the most money from any car buying service.
  5. Selling at Auction – This underused method does work really well but there are some things you’ll need to know to make it worthwhile
  6. Sell Car to a Dealer – Similar to car buying services, selling to a dealer can work well provided you have a car a dealer is interested in buying. You only achieve a trade value on your car using this method. I show you the tips and tricks of the trade
  7. Part Exchange Car – An effective way of purchasing a new car and selling your old one at the same time; this method is convenient but it comes at a price
  8. Car Valuation – You can also find my used car values page. Find out the real value of your used car using my free, manual approach via Autotrader – How much is my car worth?

So there are your options. It’s time to think about the route that best suits your need.

  • Are you in desperate need for the money?
  • Are you planning to buy another motor?
  • Are you happy to receive phone calls and demonstrate your car to potential buyers?

Your answer will signpost what’s your best option. Ultimately it comes down to finances. If you’re not in a great need for the money it may be suitable for you to sell your car privately. If you need money quickly then a car buying service is probably going to work out well for you.

Read through the pages in this category to find out how to get the most from each car selling method. Each page is full of inside tips, tricks, special knowledge and information you cannot find anywhere else.

If you are planning to replace your old car with a new one you’ll get great benefit from my exclusive Members Area. Inside you will find the best information I have to offer when buying a new motor. Included is my mini video series and full text guide with check sheets. The information in Members Area is unlike anything else across the internet. Visit this page for further information.

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