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Marcus Rockey

Buying a used car is a great way of cutting the cost of your driving as most new cars lose around 40% of their value in the first year.

But you already know there are risks involved when buying second hand so it’s important to take your time rather than rush into a new purchase. Ultimately you will need to buy with head rather than your heart.

I’m Marcus Rockey and have been buying and selling used cars to the trade and public for around 25 years. My father established a car dealership in Bristol in 1970 and I spent most of my childhood and early adult years repairing, cleaning, driving and eventually buying and selling used cars.


image of my fathers car dealership in Bristol called Kingswood Motors


Over the years I have picked up a lot of specialist knowledge and information that allows me an overwhelming advantage when deciding if I should buy a particular used car or walk away. It takes just 15 minutes or so to know if a car is worthy to purchase.

This website and the information offered is all about helping privately car buyers like you by a used car and avoid getting ripped off in the process. It’s become a passion of my mine to help buyers make informed choices when buying second hand.

The used car trade has inherited a pretty poor name for itself over the last 30 years, and with good reason. There are a good number of dealers throughout the U.K that think of their pocket first and the customer second.

Once you’ve bought a car your liability to that car is part of the purchase.

Yes, dealers offer warranties, and you have consumer rights.

But here’s the bottom line: when you buy a used car from a dealer your consumer rights begin to diminsh with each passing day. The longer you own the car the less “come back” you have until eventually, all of your rights are gone (with some minor acceptions).

Warranties cover for mechanical failure not wear and tear, and because many components are excluded on your average warranty we can see why using your head rather than your heart is sound advice.

Buying a car is often one of the largest single investments individuals and families will ever make. Being able to tell, within just a few minutes, if a car is of good quality or going to cause you problems is critical to the welfare of your time and money. The content contained across my website will help you navigate the many pitfalls to making a wise purchase.

The Used Car Guy

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