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Get an instant, free car check at my sister website, CarVeto. We provide vehicle information, export status, road tax and mot status, brake horse power checks and the askMID road insurance check. You can get our full Platinum instant car check for £12.50 and it includes finance information, theft status, mileage issues, write off data and a great deal more.


Instant Car Check or CarVeto?

Instant Car Check is a service provided by hpi check. The check covers some of the data you’ll find with a premium hpi check (depending on the options you choose) and priced at almost £20.


Used Car Guy recently launched our own instant car checking service known as CarVeto. The check is cheaper that both hpi and Instant Car Checks and provides comprehensive data.



Keep it simple

CarVeto is a little different to all other car checking services.

It provides a straight answer on buying a used vehicle. After entering a vehicle registration number and access a free, basic check, you’ll find one of three outcomes:

Instant CarVeto Car Check

CarVeto holds full car history information
for any UK vehicle

CarVeto logo for buying a second hand car

instant car check- used cars
instant vehicle checker dirty little secret - Used Cars
get similar cover as hpi check but at a cheaper price

Get the latest instant car check service from CarVeto



What is covered with CarVeto?

To pass a car and lift the Veto it must not flag any of the items listed below.

Here I have separated my car history check into Failed and Warning status, both of which indicate the vehicle should not be purchased without further investigation:


Failed check result

Written-off – Flagged when a car is an insurance category loss as result of a major or minor accident

Theft / Stolen MIAFTR and/or Police markers – Flagged when a car has been stolen and the insurance company has paid out to the claimant (MIAFTR is an acronym for Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register)

VIC Inspection – Flagged if a car has been inspected by VIC (Vehicle Identity Check) as result of accident damage repair

Scrapped / Unscrapped – Flagged if the car has been scrapped or unscrapped

Outstanding finance – Flagged if there is an active finance agreement held on the car such as Hire Purchase


Warning check result

Mileage issues – Flagged if a car has mileage inconsistencies as recorded via DVLA MOT history

Exported – Flagged if the car has been exported from the UK at any time during its life

Imported – Flagged if the car has been imported into the UK at any time during its life

Plate transfers – Flagged if the car has ever had a number plate transfer such as a private plate



Instant Car Check versus CarVeto Price comparison

Upon first glance, it appears that Instant Car Check is significantly cheaper than CarVeto. In fact, this can be said for the majority of car checking services including hpi check (who own Instant Car Check), Cazana, Autotrader car check and others.


Used Car Guy has been careful with the pricing point. CarVeto is one product with one clear outcome.

Instant Car Check Gold check is £4.99 but this excludes most of the pertinent data such as outstanding finance and mileage checks.

The Gold check is insufficient when buying a used car as you directly risk the money you spend on a vehicle.

If you do select sufficient cover the prices almost triple to £12.99

How all other car check providers compare in price once you add the total cover required to buy a used vehicle:


Instant Car Check £12.99
RAC Passport £14.99
Autotrader £14.99
Cazana £14.99

CarVeto £12.50


With every CarVeto Platinum check, you get complimentary access to The Used Car Guy’s definitive car buying guide that is regarded as the finest guide online for buying a second-hand vehicle.

Visit our sister website and run your own instant free car check. We will immediately confirm vehicle details and provide you with an initial outcome.

Used Car Guy


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