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The Used Car Guy

Quick Selling Tips.

Before Listing Your Used Car for Sale…   The car selling process is often a hassle. If you’re not scrubbing your car clean you’re dealing with messages from potential buyers who end up wasting your time. However, the process still needs to go as smoothly as...

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Too Many Choices in Our Hectic Industry.

Sell my car, your options. How to sell your car quickly, or for the highest price.   Whilst garnering my motor trade skills as a teenager in the mid 1990’s there were few options for private owners to sell their car. Mainly on offer was the Autotrader...

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Subcompact Cars. The AA.

AA Cars and Subcompacts. 3 Of the Best Subcompact Cars to Buy Used.   The AA offer competitve personal car loans. Visit this page for my snapshot guide. Are you looking to invest in a small, compact vehicle? You may want to consider subcompact cars. Subcompact is...

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Motorpoint for SUV’s

An Essential Motorpoint Cars Checklist for Buying a Used SUV.   A sport utility vehicle (SUV) can be a great choice for many people who live out in the countryside, have a large family or require plenty of space for transporting pets, sports gear or other...

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The Europcar Initiative.

Should I buy or lease a car?   Which option should I go for?   Below are the main benefits of a long-term car rental solution. Click here to find out some of the pros to leasing a car. You might also be interested in my used car leasing page which is a great...

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The Slog of Applying for Car Finance.

Consumers Demand Transparency and a Digital Approach to the Vehicle Financing Process.   Is it hard to get accepted for car finance? It depends on your credit score but you are guaranteed a complex and confusing application?   Research by financial...

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Car Leasing Reviewed.

How to get the new car you want, at a price you can afford.   Whether you are a growing family looking to upgrade to a MPV or looking for a city car just to get you from a to b, the choice available to us in the UK is vast.  Once you have decided on the...

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Does Your Car Need a Little Love?

Quick Car Maintenance Checks You Can Perform Yourself.   This article was kindly put together by Giles Kirkland – follow him on Twitter @gileskirkland.   All cars require a little maintenance now and then, but finding faults early can be a key way...

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Trusted Car Buyers

Looking For a ‘Near Me’ Car Buyer?   Selling your car with We Want Any Car.   You could have your car sold with money in the bank in as little as 6 hours, I’ll show you how to get the best quote and what to look out for.   My Guide...

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Best Car Adverts of All Time

Some of the greatest car ads and commercials of the last 50 years   Print, digital and TV adverts that sell The car manufacturers advertising battle commenced during the 1950’s and 60’s and has since become an entertaining business for the public....

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Drinking and Driving. Know Your Limits.

Marcus Rockey The Used Car Guy Authored by Marcus Rockey, The Used Car Guy is a UK automotive blog for motorists that are buying or selling a used car. Free guidance, advice and information born through 26 years of direct experience in the used car industry. UCG has...

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