4 Essential Car History Background Checks

Car History


Is the cars documentation and service history authentic?


4 Ways to tell a genuine car from a fake in under 15 minutes – my tried and tested method.

This section of The Used Car Guy is all about the real history of a used car.

There are four main elements to car history that need to be checked out before you lay a pound of your hard earned cash on a used car you’re interested in buying.


  • HPI Check – What Car Checks do and do NOT tell you
  • MOT Check – The MOT history of a car is free, crucial information that can tell you how well any vehicle has been maintained over the years and if there are any big spend items that’ll need replacing. Also, know with some certainty if the vehicle is genuine mileage
  • Service History Check – Knowing if the history you’re presented with is genuine or fake
  • Car Owner Check – Important things to understand about a vehicles previous owners


car history documentation and VIN information imageEach page here will talk about the categories listed. These elements are extremely important. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of wasting your money and buying into a lot of stress and problems a month or two down the road.

Really, there are no excuses here as the checks I lay out take no more than fifteen or twenty minutes. I’d never buy a used car from a dealer, privately, from auction or online without looking into each of these elements first. The most important check of all is running a car history check which costs around £20 if you buy a good one.

Recently, HPI Car Check introduced a cheaper car history checking service. Visit my Instant Car Check page to learn how to use their service correctly, and save yourself some money.

The remaining checks are completely free of charge. Some are done online and others on the phone. Carry out the checks BEFORE you pay a deposit or buy the car outright. You’ll need a few things to carry out each check and I’ll discuss those in the coming sections.

I’ve recently included a section for mobile mechanics that is also included in this category of my website. Find a review of a leading mobile mechanic service known as ClickMechanic.


Why take risks?

Private car buyers tend to take unnecessary risks when purchasing a new motor. My advice is to be thorough and make a little extra effort to ensure what’s presented to you is genuine and real. There are a hundred ways to scam a car and deceive a unsuspecting buyer. Once you’ve bought that car, you’re neck high in its problems and defects…So please, implement what I discuss.

More than a simple VIN check, I will show you every step to safeguarding your hard earned cash.

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