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This 6 Part Mini Video Series Walks You Though How To Buy a Used Car, Step-by-Step.

26 Years of Motor Dealer Experience Shared in a Unique, One-of-a-Kind Video Guide.

The Used Car Guy video series empowers you with secrets, tips and specialist knowledge for buying a second hand car – Information that cannot be found anywhere else online that will save you time, money and hassle. Much of the information shared remains unknown by the motor trade!

Here’s a 2 minute video from inside Members Area

Remember that a vehicle check such as HPI Check or Total Car Check CANNOT tell you about any/every accident a car has suffered.

Car checking services can only tell you about accidents that have been recorded against that vehicle. If a car has suffered an accident and the owner repaired the vehicle outside of the insurance company (1 in 3 cars are repaired without the insurance company’s involvement) a car check service will have no knowledge of it.

The car you plan to buy, whether it’s six month old or six years old could easily have been involved in a major or minor accident that causes the car to be unreliable, costly and worth less than that of a clean, clear and original vehicle.

The Used Car Guy’s mini video series shows you how to avoid the pitfalls to buying a second hand car. Have confidence in your own ability to buy a car that is genuine, reliable and good value for money.

Video 1

Front-end Accident Damage

Has the car had a new bonnet, wings, front panel or complete front end that will cost you money down the road?

Video 2

Side Impact Damage Check

4 simple checks to ensure the car chassis and alignment are central, correct and not causing the car to crab or tyre drag from a shunt.

Video 3

Gutters & Overspray

Do the doors, bonnet, wings, roof, quarter panels, boot and bumpers align correctly as a factory finish? If they don’t the car has probably been involved in a major accident.

Video 4

Rear End Body Check

Similarly to the front of the vehicle, the boot and rear must check out if you are going to buy the car. Any problems here can easily lead to time and expense.

Video 5

Essential Engine Check

This video demonstrates if the engine is likely to be reliable and problem free. Neglecting to carry out these checks can result in a car that breaks down and costs unnecessary money.

Video 6


An overview of buying a used car. I have never purchase a vehicle without carrying out a thorough investigation.

You Get The Full Text Guide, Check Sheets and

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About the Used Car Guy

The Used Car Guy is a website authored by Marcus Rockey. Raised in the used car motor trade in Bristol he has bought and sold over 9.1 million pounds worth of used cars in the U.K during the last 24 years.  He shares his years of experience, knowledge and understanding from the inner circles of the used motor industry. His focus audience are those looking to buy a used car that’s genuine, reliable and excellent value.

The Used Car Guy “No other motor industry driven website shares such revealing and in depth information – Benefiting private car buyers and sellers across the UK.

Email: contact@theusedcarguy.co.uk

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