New Insurance Cateogries for UK Cars.

As of the beginning of October there is a new set of insurance categories being introduced for used cars in the UK.
Previous we had categories C and D that are now being replaced by S and N. The new styles are intended to focus on car condition instead of repair costs.
The Associate of British Insurers (ABI) state that both S and N categories are repairable and potentially roadworthy.
Category S means that a vehicle has suffered some type of structural damages that resulted in the vehicle being written off due to an uneconomical repair bill. Damage may be suffered to any part of the car including the chassis! Something of a red flag.
Category N means the car was again written off via an insurance company because it was uneconomical to repair but the damage was not structural i.e. the vehicle has not suffered damage to the chassis or frame.
The old style category A and B pretty much remain the same with Cat A being the most severe of all damaged vehicle types. So, these types are deemed irreparable by insurance companies and that parts are also non salvageable. This almost always means the Cat A cars are crushed/destroyed.
Cat B is the next most severe damage type. The main difference between A and B is that B may have some reusable parts but you are advised to not buy a Cat B car as it will likely not be roadworthy.
However, Cat S and N vehicles are deemed acceptable to buy after a full repair. Used Car Guy’s advice is to tread very carefully when buying a Insurance Category damaged car. Not only is roadworthiness in question but the value of the car is dramatically reduced. I avoid all Category cars with a blanked policy. I’d advise you do the same.
Used Car Guy.

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