Before Listing Your Used Car for Sale…

The car selling process is often a hassle. If you’re not scrubbing your car clean you’re dealing with messages from potential buyers who end up wasting your time. However, the process still needs to go as smoothly as possible, and that means you need to undertake several tasks to ensure it does. Consider the following points before you dive in at the deep end and list your car for sale.
image of someone sat in thier classic car preparing to sell it privately

Research the Car Market

Many used car sellers end up missing out on thousands because they aren’t selling their cars for what they’re worth. Obviously, if you want a quick sale, then a lower price will help you sell faster, but if you’re not in any rush, don’t settle for less. Research the market using Google and you’ll see how much your used car can go for in the current industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a used Mercedes-Benz C Class or an old Ford Fiesta, you need to research the market so you know what your car is worth.

Hire a Professional Valet Service

Unless you’re selling your car ‘as seen’, you’ll want to make sure it’s spick and span for the new owner to take off your hands. You have two choices here: you can either clean the car yourself or you can hire a professional valet to do it for you. Both options are perfectly acceptable but, by hiring a valet service, you’re going to have a much higher chance of selling your used car quickly. A valet could be the difference in making your old car look brand new.

Give It a Farewell Drive

It’s crucial you inspect the car and give it one last test drive to ensure it’s in perfect working order. If you don’t, it could come back and bite you and you may end up having to refund the buyer. To save all the hassle, take it for one last spin and make sure it’s perfect before letting it go to someone else. If there are any problems while driving, just let the buyer know and you might be able to come up with a discounted price to suit both parties.

Check Your Car One Last Time

It’s easy to miss out on little bits when selling a car, so save yourself a load of hassle by giving it one last going over before potential buyers come and view it. Make sure the wheels are nicely pumped, the interior is perfectly clean and tidy, the in-car features work, and other things like the lights and winder wipers are in good working order. The more time you spend inspecting your car, the less time you spend answering questions or a much higher chance of selling your used car quickly. If the car is in decent working order, you’re going to have no problems selling it fast.
Of course, what you do before selling your car is completely up to you. But, if you’re willing to a much higher chance of selling your used car quickly, you can be sure the process is going to be a lot smoother and less hassle.

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