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Anyone who has had to sell their used car before will agree to the fact that it is one of the most challenging projects one can ever undertake. The intricacies of the whole process tend to involve activities such as cleaning ones car, trying to market the car, and worse, having to discuss money with total strangers. However, the following tips will enable those who have never had to answer the question ??can I sell my car and make a good profit?’ with strategies that will result in a speedy and profitable sale.

How to raise the value of your used car before you sell it

Have it detailed

It is no surprise that all potential buyers expect to purchase non-faulty, clean and visually appealing car. As such, if your car is dirty, has stains and crumbs from the variety of meals you have previously consumed in the car is extremely effective in creating a negative first impression. Simply put, potential buyers will translate these aspects as proof that you did not do a great job at ensuring your car is well-maintained. It does not matter whether you regularly service your car and it is in mint condition. First impressions create the foundation for any sale. A car in this state will obviously attract very few prospects and lower your set selling price. Therefore, it is vital to have your car detailed in order to give the impression of a well-serviced and impeccably maintained car. This will work to your advantage as it raises its value.

N.B. Experts within the car resale field recommend that one spend between £100 and £200 for this service as it could add over £500 to one’s car sales revenue. Old floor mats also ought to be replaced with new ones and any obvious dents repaired. Although this may cost one between £100 and £200, this should be considered money well spent as it can add a few extra thousands to your car’s resale value as it makes the car look newer.

Take the car for servicing

It is vital that you go the extra mile and have the most obvious flaws fixed by a professional. However, before you consider taking this action, it is noteworthy to mention that you should only take this value adding measure only if you are sure that the costs will be covered by the car’s increased resale value. If servicing will cost you more than you will profit, simply fix the small problems, which savvy buyers tend to check and remember.

Check out this YouTube Video for some fun car selling tactics

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