Sell your car, your way.

Below I’ve outlined the best sell my car options. Each guide offers a step by step method and outlines the potential pitfalls you should  avoid for a smooth and profitable transaction.



  • Potential quick sale
  • Money in bank in 7 days
  • May sell for unexpected high price


  • May not sell car
  • Without car for duration
  • Fees to enter into auction
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  • Potential quick sale
  • Money in bank the same day
  • Sell to a local dealership


  • Low trade price
  • Dealer may not buy
  • More hassle than car buyers service


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  • Cash in bank in 24 hours
  • Local depots
  • Safe and secure method of sale


  • Rock bottom price
  • Online value different to actual sale price
  • Fee for instant bank transfer
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  • Sell for full market value
  • Cash in bank in 7 days
  • Painless process when you know how


  • Advertising cost
  • Scams
  • Must demonstrate your car to potential buyers
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Figure out what works for you

There are many ways to sell your car and how you choose to do it depends on your personal circumstance and preferences. The rise in car selling services is the modern way to a quick sale at a hugely deflated price. Then there are car auctions which tend to be overlooked by many motorists. The more traditional routes to sale are direct to a car dealership and of course, Autotrader.

I’ve composed 4 complete guides that walk you through the pros and cons of each method. But, answering a few questions will help you decide your next step.

  1. Do you need the money in a hurry? – If so, a dealer sale or car service might be good for you.
  2. Does your car have particular popularity? – Some cars carry a certain kudos and desirability. If you own a high spec Land Rover or nice low mileage diesel Audi Avant, a car auction sale might be right for you. There are many makes and models that carry the ‘desirability factor’ and if your car is one such example, check out my auction selling guide.
  3. Are you happy to deal with a buyer at your house? – As a private owner, I would usually choose to sell my car from home, via Autotrader. Not only do I stand the best chance of fetching a market level price but the process really is quite simple once you know how to do it.
  4.  Has your car got mechanical issues? – Problematic cars are very difficult to sell from home and the process can be pretty anxiety-provoking unless your nerves are made of steel. Auction and buying services are preferred when a car has problems that are too expensive for you to repair.

Use the following links to find a full part exchanging guide and genuine vehicle price calculator. Here and here you’ll find my recommended strategies to valuations and tools to stay safe and legal during a private car sale.

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