How to Sell Your Car Privately Fast

Why a Private Car Sale is the Way to Go

At first I thought selling my car privately was going to take a long time. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my car sold in less than 10 days. My experience with selling car my car privately taught me a lot, and I will never do a part exchange at a dealer again. First of all, I managed to achieve a much better price than I expected, and the entire process was easier than imagined. As a matter of fact, I would recommend that we should all try to sell our cars privately before contacting a car dealer or a website that claims to get you the best deal. Believe me, those deals are not the best deals!

Fix Your Price

One thing I learned from reading other adverts online and in papers, is that it isn’t all about price. A lot of cars with similar mileage, and in more or less the same condition, did never seem to come out of the adverts. Initially I wondered why but I soon realized that it is in the detail. The more information you can put in the advert the better it is. Prospective buyers like to read about service history, condition of the interior and the length of the MOT. Being honest about all of this information help s a great deal when it comes to selling your car privately fast.

Get a New MOT Certificate

A good way to sell my car quickly is to get a new MOT certificate. Most interested parties will ask you how long the MOT is valid for. If you can tell them that the car has just passed the MOT they will be more than happy. The simple truth is that most car buyers prefer to pay a bit more for a car with a recent and longer MOT. To get a quick MOT you can check out places like Kwik Fit and Halfords, or use your normal garage.

Clean Your Car

If you want to achieve a fast sale of your car, it is a good idea to pay for a professional valet. It will cost a little bit but will make your car look so much better. Most valet services offer different levels, however it is always a good idea to have the interior of your car valeted. Not only will it look better but it will smell better as well. Annoying things like pet hair and canine smells will no longer be there to trouble any potential new owner.

Service Documentation

The more documentation you have the better it is. If you have your car’s entire service history make sure you have it handy. Put it in date order and hand it to the buyer. They will be really impressed and most of them will just flick through it. Also, make sure that you have all the car’s MOT certificates available. You want to be able to prove that your car is the one to buy.

Not everyone is a Buyer

Not every viewing is going to lead to a sale, but don’t be too quick to drop the price. You will get a lot of cheeky offers which may be tempting to accept to achieve a quick sale. Some people go around buying cars and then sell them on into the trade. If you have a specific price in mind that you don’t want to go below, you should stick to your guns. Point out the positive aspects of your pride and joy, and don’t be afraid to stress the fact you have the car’s history available. Very few car owners have all the information available. This is certainly a case of where more is better, even receipts for tyres will help to sell a car.

The media you choose to sell your car in does not matter so much. Potential buyers often use more than one source, but at the same time it is no good to sow yourself to thin on the ground. If eBay doesn’t work try another avenue. Local supermarkets are great places to advertise a car, and why not put a sign in one of the windows of the car. The less you have to pay to sell your car, the more money will end up in your pocket.

Finally, smile and be pleasant. It makes a lot of difference when it comes to finally shaking on the deal. Also, don’t forget to only accept cash if you can, and you should always write “sold as seen” on that receipt. You don’t want the new owner to come back to you with any problems that he or she may have.

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