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AA Loans are available to buy a new car, home improvement, holidays and debt consolidation. Interest rates are always based upon personal circumstances in a well-regulated finance sector. Aside from your credit file AA, personal loans may also inquire into the impact an additional monthly payment may have on your living standards and ability to make all repayments.

Why choose AA finance to borrow money rather not a high street lender?

Banks are reluctant to offer more than one loan to you in any four-year period. There are acceptations but most individuals or couples with mid-range annual incomes get one bite at the cherry every few years.

Lending from a secondary finance company like AA means there’s no need to borrow from your bank thereby keeping the bank option open to you for a rainy day.

Features of an AA Loan

  • Based on a personal loan of £7,500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years (at six monthly intervals), interest rates are low and fixed at 3.3% 3.0% APR Representative (note that the longer you borrow the more interest you’ll pay)
  • Monthly payments are fixed for the duration of your loan
  • There are no arrangement (set-up) fees
  • You are permitted to make additional payment to settle your loan early without incurring a penalty fee
  • 2 Minute online application form with instant decision

AA loans online application form

Quick example for an AA car loan

Pay attention to the interest rate you are offered after you have been accepted for a personal loan with the AA. The rate mentioned in the example below can change after application and is dependent on the assessment of your personal circumstances, the loan amount, the period you wish to borrow for and your credit rating.

Lend amount: £8,000
Lend period: 36 months
Monthly repayment: £232.51

Total Interest based on 36 monthly payments: £370.25
Total amount repaid: £8,370.25
APR: 3.0% 3.3%

Lend requirements – You must have a minimum annual gross income (before tax) of £12,000, be aged between 21 to 70 years old and a UK resident for the last 3 years.

Important resources:
AA Loans
PO Box 248,
S98 1QF

Contact Callcredit Check:
Callcredit Check,
One Park Lane,
West Yorkshire

Contact Experian:
Experian Ltd,
PO Box 8000,
NG80 7WE

Contact CIFAS:
6th Floor Lynton House,
7-12 Tavistock Square

There are more car finance options than ever before. Click this link to see what suits your personal circumstances.

AA car loans, personal loans and car finance are provided by Bank of Ireland UK. The Automobile Association Financial Services is not a direct lender.

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