Petrol or Diesel Car. Give Me a Straight Answer!


Diesel or Petrol? 5 Factors You Need to Include.


One of the more common questions I get asked when people are planning to buy a new car is “what fuel type will save me the most money?”
petrol versus diesel

There are a ton of factors you can include to formulate an answer but if you don’t have the time, or frankly the know how, you might want to
check this more simple answer.

Most of the information I found online was overly complex and not what people really need. So I thought I’d simplify the whole damn thing, just for you.


In order of importance I have 5 factors you’ll need:

1. Vehicle purchase price and resell value

2. Mileage per year

3. Vehicle fuel economy (MPG)

4. Fuel cost per gallon

5. Road fund licence (road tax)


Let me cut straight to it.

You can do all your sums about economy, differences in fuel prices and road tax but there are two overriding factors that will determine if you save money or not.

These factors actually eliminate the whole debate over your choice of petrol or diesel engine. Yes, if you prioritize these factors above all others they are guaranteed to save you more money than a “few precious sips of fuel a day” could ever do!


Those factors are:

Vehicle Purchase Price and Resell Value

It sounds obvious now you’ve read it but most people never really consider the purchase and resell values as the most direct way of saving a ton of money.

I advocate a good purchase price as this, and I quote:

“The price you pay for your next used car should allow you to drive that car for 10,000 miles and 12 months, and provided it is in the same (or very similar) condition as when you purchased it, be able to return you all of the money that you paid for it. The full purchase price.” – The Used Car Guy

Buying the car for one price and selling it for virtually the same price one year later!

So if you take some time to source the car of your dreams and apply a little “can do attitude” to iron out a fantastic deal, you’ll have yourself a years motoring without the car losing any value – this is a dream scenario for every car owner and one that I insist on.

Sure there are certain things you’ll need to do well to make this happen such as buying competitively and selling the car for its market value the following year. But the effort involved is well worth it.

That will save you potentially thousands and virtually eliminate the “petrol versus diesel” debate.

With thousands of pounds potentially saved you can think less about the running costs and more about the car of your dreams.


The Used Car Guy’s tip: If you want to find out how to haggle to a great deal and buy a car that’s genuine reliable and excellent value for your money simply click here and get my free mini video.

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