Sold as Seen? We Think Not!

Sold as Seen? We Think Not!

Just Bought a Used Car With Problems?

You have more rights that you might have known.

Over the last 3 months I have received at total of fourteen emails from private car buyers all asking for advice. Each had purchased a used car from a dealership somewhere in the UK, and each has experienced mechanical issues after purchase. (more…)

Sell My Car on Autotrader Without Getting Scammed?

Sell My Car on Autotrader Without Getting Scammed?

Autotrader under attack from scammers – You’ve Been Warned.

Daring to Sell My Car with Auto Trader?

Special Offer in Autotrader Packages

“Autotrader rarely offer discounts and offers on their advertising, but if you click here you’ll get 40% off your advert should you not sell your car in your first ad campaign and choose to re-book – (offer valid from time this post went live)


Here is my recent case study on what they do and how it works

Read this article, share it with your friends and protect yourselves.

I bought a Toyota Yaris around six months ago. It was 13 years old and 74,000 miles. I paid £700 for it from a Citroen dealers in Northampton as a main dealer part exchange.

I began my motor trade career buying and selling “bangers” and it never leaves your blood. I’ve found no better feeling than buying a “golden oldie”, showing it some love and selling it for profit.


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