Too Many Choices in Our Hectic Industry.

Too Many Choices in Our Hectic Industry.

Sell my car, your options.

How to sell your car quickly, or for the highest price.


Whilst garnering my motor trade skills as a teenager in the mid 1990’s there were few options for private owners to sell their car. Mainly on offer was the Autotrader publication, your local newspaper or perhaps a local car dealership where part exchange was available.

The platforms to sell your car


Twenty Years on and there are a plethora of car selling options to choose from including:

  • Car buyer’s services
  • Autotrader online
  • Car auctions
  • Motors
  • Dealerships (for those with a desired car type)
  • eBay
  • From the roadside
  • And more….

Before heading into the pros and cons of each type it’s worth noting that Autotrader now offers free car ads to anyone whose sale price is under £1,000. This is one of the ways in which the car selling giants tackle a losing market share to firms like We Want Any Car and Trusted Car Buyers. To get your free car advert visit this link.

Autotrader also recently introduced new pricing for cars between £1,000 and £10,000 and further options for vehicles over £10,000. Find out more here.

Deciding how to sell my car. A round up for the private car seller


Buying Services

I use car buyer’s services for one specific purpose; to sell my car (any car I own) that has a mechanic problem that’s uneconomical to repair. Usually, I’ll calculate the difference between their online valuation, my potential retail price and what it will cost to repair the car. When cost-effective, I tend to use We Want Any Car to sell my car fast.

As you probably know, the price offered to sell your car will be around 55% of its true retail value. If you do sell your car on to such a service your old car will end up in a BCA auction somewhere across the country (British Car Auctions also owns We Buy Any Car). It’s a nice arrangement where the cars that arrive via their buying service end up being sold as categorised vehicles in one of their many auctions across the country.) Click here to get your own online valuation


Autotrader Online

My preferred and recommend method to sell your car is Autotrader Online. Provided you price your motor correctly you are likely to sell it for a chunk more money than you would using any of the other methods listed above. I’ve got a comprehensive guide on how I sell my car (s) via their website.


Car Auctions

Always underused, car auctions are great if your car is something that car dealers want to own. So, if you have a white Vauxhall Vectra 2.2 with 130k miles on the clock this method is not recommended. But, if you should own a Volkswagen Gold 2.0 GT TDI 5 door with 20k miles, you might want to consider an auction sale. Find out more here.



Motors Online ( is the nearest comparative competitor to Autotrader but they don’t yield nearly as much site traffic and nor are you as likely to sell your car with them. If you take the private sellers route it should be with Autotrader online.


Car Dealerships

Can I sell my car to a dealership for any reasonable amount of money? Answer, probably not. The price you get will be like a buyer’s service such as We Want Any Car. However, if you own a late, low mileage car that’s in pristine condition it’s worth getting it valued at a supplying dealer. For example, should you own a Skoda Fabia that’s a couple of years old, low miles and great condition with full (franchised) service history you may have some luck selling with them. Find more information here.


Dealers and Sale or Return (SOR)

Some dealers offer to put your car up for sale on their forecourt and pay you after. The dealer has a chance to fetch retail money for your car, take a slice from the sale price and give you the difference. Hopefully I don’t need to explain why this method is such a bad idea not needless to say, you’ll be without your car for the duration, have no idea when or if they will even sell it.



Generally, I am not a fan of selling a car with eBay, with one exception. If you have a non-runner (one with major mechanic issues) eBay is often the best place. Example: I owned a 10-year-old BMW Touring Estate with 150k miles on the clock. The engine had blown up but I was still able to sell my car as a non-runner (for a surprisingly high price) via eBay. Importantly, you should declare as a non-runner and ‘sold for spares’ to safeguard yourself.



It’s worth popping this final method in as it is very effective for cars under £1,000. The risks with selling my car from the roadside are that it can be damaged/vandalised, plus you might also get your car clamped. Years ago, a roadside sale was common place but local authorities have stamped out much of this actively. Noteworthy is that some unscrupulous car dealers will use a roadside sale to sell problematic cars whilst escaping legal responsibility (acting as a private owner or using the sold as seen slogan. Of course, this is all quite illegal and I discuss it in more detail here.


Used Car Guy

Subcompact Cars. The AA.

Subcompact Cars. The AA.

AA Cars and Subcompacts.

3 Of the Best Subcompact Cars to Buy Used.

The AA offer competitve personal car loans. Visit this page for my snapshot guide.

Are you looking to invest in a small, compact vehicle? You may want to consider subcompact cars.

Subcompact is an American term used to describe cars which are smaller than a standard compact vehicle, yet larger than a micro car. In the UK, buyers largely associate the term with superminis.

There’s a lot of benefits that come from choosing a subcompact car, but with so many available on the market, how do you know which is right for you? Below, you’ll discover 3 of the best subcompact cars to buy used.
1. Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo has been a consistently highly-rated small car over the years and it isn’t hard to see why. What’s great about this little model, is the fact it manages to include all of the key features you’d expect to find in the larger Volkswagen Golf, just in a more compact package.
image of the subcompact VW polo.
It comes in a range of engine sizes to suit all buyers. One of its key benefits is its low running costs. With the price of fuel constantly seeming to rise, these days buyers do look for a car that’s going to be economical to run.

Perhaps the only drawback to this car is it isn’t very fun to drive. It’s designed more for practicality and easy driving so if you are seeking something a little more exciting to drive, this may not be the right model for you.

Due to the popularity of the Volkswagen Polo, you can find it at really affordable prices at used car dealerships.
2. Ford B-Max

Ford is renowned for its reliability and high-quality vehicles and the B-Max is no exception. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and fun, this is the model for you.
lady putting food shopping into the boot of a Ford BMax
There’s a few things that set this little car apart from its competitors. Perhaps the main unique feature is its sliding doors. This makes it incredibly easy to get out of and makes it really practical for families. There’s also plenty of space inside thanks to its boxy design.

It’s not all about practicality however. This clever little car boasts impressive handling and provides a smooth, quiet ride. It’s fun to drive; whether you’re driving about town or cruising down the motorway. It’s also got a good range of engines to choose from. However, if you want the best, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine is the one you’ll want to opt for.

The Ford B-Max is one of the best value used cars you can invest in. You can buy it at a low, affordable cost from sites such as AA Cars.
3. Hyundai ix20

If it’s style and quality you’re looking for, the Hyundai ix20 is one of the best cars you can invest in. It boasts a versatile interior and is remarkably great to drive. Like the Ford B-Max, this model is a great choice for family’s due to its deceptively spacious and practical design.
nearly new IX 20 in diamond white with backgroud of a construction site
It offers a high driving position, giving you perfect visibility of the road ahead. While initially designed with town and city driving in mind, the car is super-comfortable, making it ideal for longer trips too.

What really sets this car apart however, is its style. It was created by the designer of the Audi TT, so you know you’re getting a high-end looking vehicle.

Overall, there’s a lot of subcompact cars available to buy, but the 3 above are currently rated some of the best. Consider which features are important to you and where you plan on driving the car before deciding which one is right for you.
The Used Car Guy

Does Your Car Need a Little Love?

Does Your Car Need a Little Love?

Quick Car Maintenance Checks
You Can Perform Yourself.

This article was kindly put together by Giles Kirkland – follow him on Twitter @gileskirkland.
All cars require a little maintenance now and then, but finding faults early can be a key way to save money. Fixing a problem while it is still a minor issue is much better than having to hand over more money for more extensive repairs. Plus, knowing a problem early on can give you more time to find spare parts.

However, when you’re not in the habit of regularly checking your car, you lose the opportunity to save money in the long run. So, to help motivate you, here are some simple and quick inspections you can perform yourself.

Suspension System

Your car’s suspension system is a vital part of ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. It also helps prevent damage from bumps and potholes. Because of this, a deteriorating spring or strut can cause problems if left unnoticed.

The easiest way to check your suspension is to push down on each corner of the car. Watch how the vehicle vibrates or ‘wobbles’ and notice if one corner dips more (or less) than the rest. This will indicate which corner has suspension issues.

Car Fluids

Your car’s engine is most happy when it has all the required fluids it needs. It doesn’t take long to lift up the hood and check your brake fluid, motor oil, coolant or antifreeze (you can also go ahead and check your windscreen washer fluid, too, while you have the opportunity).

Dipsticks or other markers will instantly let you know if you have enough. While being in between the minimum and maximum is easy enough to achieve, you shouldn’t be afraid to top up your fluids on a regular basis – depending on how much you drive – to reduce the risk of losing one fluid.
car oil and fluid levels image
By checking regularly, this will also indicate when there’s a possible leak. For instance, if your brake fluid is disappearing more quickly, without any change to your driving habits, you might have a leaking line. Take a look where you normally park your car and see if there are any damp spots where the wheels would typically be.

Car Wheels And Tyres

When it comes to driving, you can never underestimate your tyres. As the only parts of the vehicle to touch the road, these products ensure that your ride is smooth, that as much power as possible is converted into motion and that you can both grip and brake reliability.

Your tyres, therefore, should have a thick tread and the correct tyre pressure. The latter is easy enough to achieve with a sensor and pump, while the former can be achieved with a 20p coin: push this into the tread’s and check if the outer band disappears. If you can’t see it, your tyres are still within the 1.6mm legal limit (at least in the UK). Of course, more sensitive and accurate equipment is also available.

Lights And Indicators

A broken light bulb isn’t usually difficult to fix, but it’s hard to notice such an occurrence from the inside of the vehicle. The next time you have the chance, turn your lights on (while the car is parked) and look from the outside. This way, you might notice a dimming indicator or a difference in the brightness of various lights.
change a cars light bulbs image
The only difficult lights are, of course, the brake lights. This is something that might require a second pair of eyes, as you need to be inside the vehicle to apply the brakes. However, this is still something you can do every few months to get an early warning on any issues.

Fuel Efficiency

If you know how efficient your vehicle is in terms of fuel consumption, you can often use this to notice when something is wrong. It’s never a bad habit to track your mileage anyway and, between monthly mileage readings and fuel receipts, you can work out your average miles per gallon.
car fuel economy image
After a few months, you will know what the typical output of your vehicle is. This way, when it starts to drop, you will know something is wrong. This could indicate anything from a clogged air filter (again, very easy to check and replace), problems with the transmission or many other numerous issues.

As you can see, there are more than a few ways to check your car’s health. Most of these require no tools and very little time, yet they can save you plenty of heartache and money in the future.
Giles Kirkland


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Trusted Car Buyers

Trusted Car Buyers

Looking For a ‘Near Me’ Car Buyer?


sell my car today for cash with We Buy Any Car

enter your car registration number and press submit

Selling your car with We Want Any Car.


You could have your car sold with money in the bank in as little as 6 hours, I’ll show you how to get the best quote and what to look out for.


My Guide –> Cash for cars in as little as 6 hours


1. Get instant online quote 24 hrs a day
2. Declare your cars faults / damage the smart way
3. Go to a depot near me today
4. Secure cash in bank method of sale


We Want Any Car Review


Get an online quote here

It’s good practice to get several online quotes before selling to any ‘cash for cars near me’ service, such as We Want Any Car.

And, from my experience car valuations will differ by several hundred pounds depending on which service you use. Of the last 17 cars I valued online, We Buy Any Car offered the least every single time. Of the 38 motorists I asked, 33 admitted they sold their car to We Buy Any Car for less than they were quoted online. Defects and battle scars are the biggest factors in valuation and We Buy Any Car slash valuations for what can only be described as, minor defects.


In contrast, We Want Any Car values came out on top 17 times out of 17 and their current method is a little different to other services. They still take account of vehicle defects but are moderate in their price reductions.


You may know that there’s a section of We Want Any Car website that asks you to declare any damage or faults your car has before you arrive at their depot to sell. In this article, I will show you what you need to include for their buy my car service and where to find it on their website.

When done correctly, these important steps can help you sell your car to We Want Any Car for the same amount of money you were quoted online.


Car Buyers Near Me – How to fetch the most money for your motor.


Visit their website

Step 1


Visit their website, enter your vehicle’s registration number and click ‘VALUE MY CAR’.

garages that buy cars near me image


Step 2


Confirm your vehicles, mileage, numbers of owners, and quality of service history.

reviews section on right side of screenshot for We Want Any Car UK


Next, enter your name, email address, postal code, contact number.

we buy any car depots near me


To sell your car for the same amount you are about to be quoted, your car must:


1. Have at least 1 months MOT
2. Have two sets of keys
3. Have not damage including interior or mechanical
4. Not be imported
5. Not have a personalised registration number (as this complicates the sales process)
6. Never have been subject to an insurance loss i.e. CAT C or D, or been used for rental, private hire (including taxis), driving tuition or as a police     vehicle
7. Not be a Non-Runner


Review disclaimer:

Just below you will also read that We Want Any Car hold the right to changing their online valuation should your cars history, condition or features have a derogatory effect on how much the car is worth.


Also noteworthy is a BACS transfer payment on the date of sale. You can pay £24.95 should you want an instant bank transfer. This is £26.00 less than We Buy Any Car!

There is also an Administration Fee of £58.75 for vehicles sold at a valuation of £4999.99 or less. £78.95 is payable for cars valued and sold at £5000.00 or above.


Step 3


A few seconds later you are given your ‘initial quotation’.

online car valuation based on showroom condition

online car valuation based on good to fair vehicle condition

online car valuation based on poor car condition


These screenshot tell how to describe your vehicle condition. Click on Showroom, Great, Good, Fair and Poor to instantly see the differences in valuations. Beneath each condition choice is a breif description of how your car will probably look.

For example:

  • Showroom means your car is in excellent condition with perhaps just a small mark or scratch on the paintwork.
  • Poor condition means your car has major interior or exterior defects that require significant investment to repair. There may also be engine faults or even structural damage.

I don’t see the need to disclose every single defect the car may have. For example, if your car makes a rumbling sound at 75 MPH whilst on the motor way, it’s not really in your interest to declare it. The We Want Any Car representative isn’t going to know about it so you may not feel it’s necessary to include.

However, anything that is visible or can easily be heard when the car is stationary with the engine running should be included else it will affect your sale price.

Online car valuations from Poor to Showroom condition:

Showroom condition £6337.00
Good condition £5836.00
Poor condition £5146.00

There is a signifcant difference in my online valuation of £1191, dependent on my declared condition.


Step 4


After you’ve chosen your cars condition and had an official bid for your car it’s time to choose a time and place to sell your car near to you. I have two branches within 12 miles of my home address.

car buyer near me



To conclude my We Want Any Car Review


If I were to use a ‘cash for cars near me’ service it would be We Want Any Car as they offered me over £400.00 more than that of their main buy my car competitor.

We Want Any Car Locations Near Me

Aberdeen, Birmingham, Northfield, Bolton, Bournemouth ,Bradford, Bristol, Bristol South, Bromsgrove, Camberley, Cambridge, Cannock, Canterbury, Cardiff Gate Retail Park, Chelmsford, Chester, Coventry, Crawley, Croydon, Dartford, Derby City, Dudley, Dundee, Edinburgh – Broxburn, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Guildford, Hendon, Hounslow, Hull, Ipswich, Kilmarnock, Lakeside, Leeds, Leicester, Letchworth, Liverpool, Maidstone, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle under Lyme, Newton Aycliffe, Norwich, Nottingham North, Oldham, Oxford, Peterborough, Plymouth, Reading, Redditch, Rotherham, Shrewsbury, Silverlink, Slough, Stockton-On-Tees, Sunderland, Swansea, Swindon, Waltham Abbey, Warrington, Waterlooville, Wembley, York.

After your online quotation, the website will direct you to your nearest branch.

Find more car selling articles here and here.

This review source is from Trust Pilot

official review of We Want Any Car via Trust Pilot another pre qualified and official review of We Want Any Car via Trust Pilot

  1. Instant online quote
  2. Get paid in as little as 6 hrs
  3. Local depots
  4. Secure method of sale

what documentation do I need to sell my car?

near by locations to where I will deliver my car for the sale

how long must I have owned my car before I can sell it to We Want Any Car?

Best Car Adverts of All Time

Best Car Adverts of All Time

Some of the greatest car ads and commercials of the last 50 years


Print, digital and TV adverts that sell

The car manufacturers advertising battle commenced during the 1950’s and 60’s and has since become an entertaining business for the public. From early print copy ads to the digital excellence of TV and online video commercials, manufacturers like Audi, BMW, VW, Mini and Honda have all had their turns at creating ‘live in the memory’ ads that amuse us, compel us and ultimately move us to buy their cars.

I’ve put together a small collection of the best car adverts of all time. Take a look at traditional, well-crafted print ads from the 1960’s right up to technical genius TV car commercials that I’ve combined into one five-minute video for your enjoyment.

In their own right, these advertisements score high, so they are in no particular order.

#1 – Daihatsu ‘Preferable to a Lamborghini?’

Daihatsu people carrier car advert

Source Daihatsu

Daihatsu uses a clever play on words to attract their core markets, 28-40-year-old men.

#2 – Ford Reports Some Sad News

Source Ford

How can they use the beautiful MK 1 Ford Escort as a Police car?

#3 – Jaguar Eats BMW for Breakfast

Jaguar tell us how they are superior to BMW

Source Jaguar

A clever use of food to depict the logo of BMW as fodder for the animal engine of Jaguar.

#4 – BMW Get Their Own Back on Jag

ad depicting that BMW are superior to Jaguar

Source BMW
This Jaguar does a 180.

#5 – Yes, the VW Beetle Has Its Limitations

classic VW Beetle print ad with basketball player

Source Volkswagen

Reverse psychology as VW demonstrates that the classic VW Beetle won’t suit everyone. Luckily for them, most of us aren’t 7ft tall basketball players. But they probably knew that, didn’t they?

#6 – Volkswagen Introduce Rear Parking Sensors!


Source Volkswagen

This intelligent ad suggests that bumping your VW into another car when parking would be a fatal mistake and one that they can help you avoid. The ad tells us a VW is as valuable as life itself. Sadly not.

#7 – Triumph Dolomite’s are Fast

classic Dolomite print ad image

Source Retro-Motoring

This messaging in this ad is a Triumph and appeals to any speed hungry male aged from fifteen to fifty.

#8 – Classic Mini’s are Small, Fast and Not For the Faint Hearted

classic mini print ad about speed and fun

Source Mini

The classic Mini is my all time favourite car so I had to include at least one of their timeless ads.

#9 – Controversy From Land Rover Range Rover

controversial print and bill board ad from Land Rover

Source Land Rover

This print ad kicked up quite a fuss and drew a lot of additional attention to Range Rover who are currently enjoying record sales and profits. Not bad.

#10 – Fiat Use Economy to Sell the Strada

Fiat car economy print copy advert

Source Fiat

During the 1980’s this Fiat car ad was hugely successful and helped promote Fiat further into the mainstream marketplace.

#11 – Porsche and Manhood

if you've got a small penis you need a Porsche 911 copy print ad

Source Porsche

One of the best car adverts of all time. Here, Porsche tap into the psychology of men using subtle humour and direct language. The Porsche 911 was already iconic but this print copy ad helped solidify its position as a leading Sports Car.

If the best print car adverts aren’t enough to quench your thirst check out my mash of four great TV car advertisements from the last 20 years.


If you have your own favourites feel free to send them to me and I’ll publish here. If you loved this article please hit the share button.

The Used Car Guy

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Drinking and Driving. Know Your Limits.

Drinking and Driving. Know Your Limits.

Marcus Rockey

Marcus Rockey

The Used Car Guy

Authored by Marcus Rockey, The Used Car Guy is a UK automotive blog for motorists that are buying or selling a used car. Free guidance, advice and information born through 26 years of direct experience in the used car industry.

UCG has been voted in the top 10 UK automotive blogs for 2016 and 2017.

uk-blog-awards-finalist The Used Car Guy

Driving your car after a night on the razzle

Letting your hair down without breaking the law

By now, we are all very familiar with the dangers associated with drink-driving. We can have a great night out, get a taxi home and sleep off most of the alcohol in our system. But, while we know we must never drink and drive, many motorists are unsure of when it’s safe to drive after a night of boozing.

Surprisingly, many drivers still don’t know that drink from the night before can easily lead to being over the legal limit the following morning, even after a sleep for six hours or more… Brake, the road safe charity, found that one out of five motorists confesses to driving the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

alcoholic driving and safe legal limits

Dr. Paul Wallace, Drinkaware’s Chief Medical Adviser, reports that how much alcohol is in your system is dependent on three factors:

  • How much alcohol you have consumed
  • How long it took you to consume the alcohol
  • How long it takes your body to eliminate it

Breaking Down Alcohol – How long does it take your body?

While everyone’s body differs slightly, the general rule is that for every unit you drink, it takes about 60 minutes for your body to break it down. However, this can vary depending on your gender, weight, age, metabolism, what type of alcohol you were drinking, how much food you have had to eat, and whether you are taking medicine, as well as the type of medicine.

The Truth about Drinking Coffee and Water to Sober Up

Although you may have heard that drinking lots of coffee will help sober you up, this is NOT true. Neither will drinking cup after cup of water or eating a huge meal. While rehydrating yourself is a good thing, it takes time for alcohol to leave your body.

When is it safe to get behind the wheel again, after drinking?

There’s no definite answer, but there is a rough guide you can follow. If you drink a large glass of wine (250ml/ 3 units), you should wait around 3 hours before getting behind the wheel. If you have consumed a weak pint of cider, lager, or beer (3.6%- though very few drinks are this week anymore), it will take around 2 hours for your body to breakdown the alcohol. If you drink a higher-strength (5.2%) cider, lager, or beer, you’ll need to wait around 3 hours for your body to breakdown the alcohol in your system.

Understanding the units in an alcoholic drink

While there is some confusion about this, the NHS reports there is approximately:

  • One single measure of spirits – 1 unit
  • One pint of lager, beer or cider, low strength (3.6%) – 2 units
  • 175ml glass of wine of average strength (12%) – 2.1 units
  • One pint of lager, beer or cider, high strength (5.2%) – 3 units
  • 250ml glass of wine of average strength (12%) – 3 units

A Look at the UK’s Legal Driving Limits

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the drink drive limit is:

  • Micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath: 35
  • Milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood: 80
  • Milligrammes per 100 millilitres of urine: 107

It’s impossible to determine how much alcohol you can consume whilst remaining within the legal limit to drive. To ensure you are safe to drive, it is recommended that you keep tabs on what you’ve been drinking and wait until your body has had plenty of time to break it down.

The Used Car Guy

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