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Volkswagen passat 2.0 TDI saloon in metallic black

2017 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI Family Saloon
Includes third party liability | Minimum age 25 to avoid excess charge

Online booking quotation

7 Day rental

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Hertz and Europcar comparision quote
7 Day hire (one month advance online booking)
Family saloon car, petrol or diesel
Pick up and drop off anywhere in the UK

official online quotation from Europcar. Booking online can save you 9%

7 Day rental

Hertz vehicle rental logo

Hertz and Europcar comparision quote
7 Day hire (one month advance online booking)
Family estate car, petrol or diesel
Pick up and drop off anywhere in the UK

online price to book family estate car Hertz £159.97 GBP

Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDI Estate in metallic black colour

2017 Skoda Octavia 1.6 Petrol/Diesel Estate
Includes third party liability | Minimum age 25 to avoid excess charge

Online booking quotation

7 Day rental

instant online quote to hire a Skoda family estate

7 Day rental

online price to book family estate car Hertz £237.97 GBP

Cheapest car hire comparisons from the UK’s leading rental brands

Why spend more money on the same (or like for like) car hire? If a family VW Passat Estate can be rented at £239.97 for 7 days all-inclusive why pay £271? With some research Used Car Guy has found the cheapest car rental near me services without sacrificing on well-known brands. Access the best in online and offline car hire services that have got you covered should you experience any problems during your holiday or work trip.

  • Deals compared from 2 of the UK’s leading car hire companies, Hertz and Europcar
  • Offers for return and one-way car hire – no matter your plan, it’s covered here
  • Save money whilst using leading car rental brands near me
  • A free comparison that’s safe, easy to use and secure
  • Save money with instant, advance online reservations

Go straight to Hertz car rental or Europcar car hire

Things to think about before you book:

  • Do you want a pick up one way or return car hire?
  • What type of car do you need (here you’ll make the biggest saving if you’re happy to save on car space. Do you really need an MPV if an estate car will do the job?)
  • Do you prefer low prices or executive car types?
  • What fuel type do you want?
  • Do you only drive manual gearboxes or will an automatic do the job?
  • How old is the driver? (25’s and under usually incur a surcharge)

Longer-term car rentals

If you and/or your family are planning a longer rental period (more than a week or two) the vendors vetted here offer that as well. Used Car Guy research has shown that booking early is the best way to make significant savings, especially for a long-term rental.

Car hire with baby seat

Hiring child booster seats and baby chairs can be an expensive business in the world of car hire. But as a legal requirement for road safety, they’re a must. Child seats can transform an otherwise competitive car hire near me quote into a very costly extra.

  • Can you take your car seat with you from home? Might just save you a few hundred quid
  • Child booster seats can often be cheaper to buy at your location. A decent booster seat can be bought from as little as £20 but hiring one for two weeks could set you back around £55
  • Check the prices below

child booster seat hire with a car rental company in the UK can be very expensive. Here's a work around.

Click here for Hertz website and here for Europcar website

Insurance excess cover

Car hire insurance excess is not to be overlooked – Avoid getting ripped off as there’s cover from as little as £2.99 per day

Although an accident or breakdown in a low mileage, nearly new car is unlikely, the excess insurance costs can be expensive should the worst happen.

car hire insurance near me

Statistically, 76.4% of individuals that rent a car in the UK ignore insurance excess cover and the potential costs incurred by not having solid insurance protection.

Hertz offers a variety of waiver and insurance products that protect you provided you comply with their terms and conditions. Note, Third Party Liability is inclusive with normal Hertz and Europcar car hires. The various product and waiver options are designed to minimise your liabilities.

Insurance excess products offered by Hertz include:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Optional Extra
  • Theft Protection (TP) Optional Extra
  • Super Cover (Full excess waiver) Optional Extra
  • Personal Insurance Optional Extra

Theft protection insurance excess typically starts at £1,000 and goes up depending on the type of car you hire. A mid-range VW has an excess starting at £1,000 whilst a Range Rover Vogue excesses from Hertz at around £2,500. Top car rental firms like Europcar and Hertz offer excess insurances for around £50-£100 per week, depending on your car type, of course.

Get more information about car hire excess insurance

Car rental age restrictions

For a Hertz rental you must be aged at least 23. Minimum ages vary and are dependent on the location of your car hire and the vehicle type. Young persons surcharges are applied for those drivers who are aged 23-25 years old. Age restriction excess is an industry standard so there are no workarounds with this stipulation.

Fuel usage

Your car hire is always provided with a full tank. But, there are a variety of options available to pay for petrol or diesel throughout your rental. These options can be very helpful during your hire, especially with long-term hires and those with your family.

Fuel product options:

  • Prepay for a full tank
  • Return with a full tank
  • Hertz refill the tank on return

All hire firms offering fuel usage options are profiteering from them. Therefore, Used Car Guy doesn’t recommend these options unless absolutely necessary. Fuel is already expensive enough, don’t you think?

Sat Navigation

When driving in unknown areas a Sat Nav is an absolute must. Many but not all hire cars have built-in Sat Navs. A smartphone could well be all you need providing you’ve downloaded one of the many free apps on the market. Having said that, some premium Sat Nav apps are exceptional and more than capable of keeping you and your family on the right track (just be mindful of phone providers roaming charges which can easily get out of hand, especially if you’re abroad). The other possibility is taking your own Sat Nav if you download any additional maps that you might need to work abroad.

Hertz provide ‘Never Lost Satellite Navigation’ 

Mobile WiFi hotspots have you covered with connection for laptops, tablets and smartphones. WiFi options include unlimited data allowances and no roaming charges.

Use the links below to get a quote. Making an online booking is certain to save you money, especially if you book several weeks in advance. Hertz is consistently cheaper than Europcar for all car types and you don’t have to skip on quality customer service.

Visit Hertz

Visit Europcar

Used Car Guy


1. Can I use a debit card instead of credit card?

Some companies including Hertz and Europcar accept debit card for car rentals in the UK, however other countries define a credit card as the primary source of payment. Check website Terms and Conditions for country specifics.

2. Do I pay a deposit when I collect the car for hire?

Deposits are required and taken on arrival from your specific rental location. Deposits provide an insurance for unforeseen or booked rental costs that can be incurred beyond the agreed rental period.

Deposits are payable via debit card, credit card or cheque (see below for each payment method). Should you prepay your daily/weekly/monthly rental the card to which payment was made must be viewed prior to releasing the rental car to you. However, you can pay your deposit via an alternative method.


All cheques are cashed in the normal way according to country law.

Credit cards:

Electronic authorisation is a requirement via the serving bank to ring-fence deposit values against the credit card, without the withdrawal of funds. A credit card’s available funds will be instantly withdrawn but this balance will not show on a monthly credit card statement. If there are no additional charges i.e. hire/damage fees the deposit amount will be instantly released back to the credit card. Note, it can take up to 10 days for the balance available to appear back onto the credit card.

Debit cards:

Electronic authorisation is again required via a ring-fence method via the serving bank. The money is not taken from your account, but funds must be readily available. Funds are reauthorized back into the appropriate bank account provided there are no additional rental or damage charges during car hire. 10 Working days is required for funds to reappear as an available balance in the appropriate bank account.

3. I’ve forgotten my driver's licence, can I still hire?

Driving licence presentation is mandatory. However, car hire firms can check via the DVLA online service although a small charge can be expected to use this service via car hire companies. You will require photographic ID should you not have your driver’s license to hand.

4. How can I pay for my car rental?

Standard use includes debit card, credit card, pre payment, online.

Note, some luxury car models do require a second credit card and/or utility bill dated within 3 months of issue. As mentioned, deposits are appropriate to the car type and its value.

For further car rentals near me or car hire near me information you should visit the providers website.

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