Does the Police National Register record

the car as stolen?

Stolen Car Check

When you’re buying a used vehicle, it is important to do a little investigative work before finalising your purchase. This helps ensure you don’t become a victim of vehicle fraud and includes making certain the car hasn’t been stolen. HPI use a service that scans the Police National Computer to quickly determine if a vehicle has been reported stolen.
HPI stolen vehicle check establishes who the legal owner is, allowing them to instantly make you aware if the person selling you a vehicle is the registered owner or not. This check covers all types of vehicles, including bikes and vans. If you learn a vehicle has been stolen, you’ll be able to walk away from the purchase.

Buying a Stolen Car Check

For more than 77 years, HPI checks have used by potential buyers who want accurate and reliable results. You can choose to purchase a single report or place a multi-order.

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