Has the DVLA declared the car as scrapped?

Car Scrap Check

HPI check includes a car scrap check that is done to make certain the vehicle you are considering has not been scrapped. Vehicles deemed scrapped by the DVLA are dangerous and cannot be driven on the road. They should not be offered for sale. Unfortunately, there are times when scrapped vehicles are put on the market, which is why it is so important to perform a car scrap check.
HPI checks can quickly and easily tell you if a vehicle has been scrapped. If it has, you should NOT buy it. Unlike some cars that have been repaired after being written off, a scrapped vehicle has been determined to be beyond repair and unsafe to drive. Even if the current owner tries to convince you that the vehicle has been safely repaired, you need to walk away from the sale.

Buying a Car Scrap Check

Again, HPI use data made available by the DVLA to ensure accurate results.

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