MOT history checks are included with every HPI Check. See how a

used car has been maintained by looking a past and present test, failure and advisory items


MOT History Check

In addition to the information provided in a HPI check, including number plate changes, estimated cost of fuel, a logbook check, and more, anyone looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle usually finds a MOT history check useful. This check provides a history of every MOT, as well as the expiry date, mileage, advisory and refusal notices, and the vehicle’s status.

Reducing Risk and Saving Money

When a vehicle has numerous advisory notes, it indicates that the vehicle hasn’t been properly maintained and serviced, which could result in additional expenses down the road. There is also a greater chance of mechanical faults. On the flip side, a vehicle with minimal advisory notes indicates that it has been well maintained and is better overall condition.

MOT Test Database

A MOT is only an inspection. Maintenance isn’t included. As a result, any advisory notes in the MOT history may not have been followed up on. It is a good idea to cross reference any information in the MOT check with other sections of the HPI.
The vehicle check uses an MOT database that dates to 2005. This means that any vehicle that has undergone a MOT will show up. It’s always a good idea to include a MOT check as part of an HPI check.

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