Does the logbook actually belong to the vehicle

and is it the latest (authentic) published by the DVLA?


Logbook Check

When you consider purchasing a second-hand vehicle, a logbook check is an absolute must. This will make you aware of any issues with the vehicle. It also validates the current owners’ logbook, allowing you to make certain all the details included in it match the vehicle’s history and condition.
All HPI checks include a logbook check, as this is the easiest way to make certain a vehicle has the correct documentation attached to it.

Stolen Car Registration Document Check Online

Registration documents, referred to as a V5C, can be falsified, cloned, and even stolen, resulting in significant problems in the future. This is true even if you had no idea the vehicle was stolen. Performing a V5C check is essential before finalising your purchase. This will verify the vehicle’s documentation. If the documentation doesn’t match what is found, you should walk away from the purchase.

Vehicle Legitimacy

A car logbook check verifies the legitimacy of any vehicle for sale and makes you, the potential buyer, aware of any past or current risks the vehicle may pose. This can be included in your HPI check.

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