Has the vehicle been written off by an insurance company because of a

major accident that’s deemed to expensive to repair?

Insurance Write-Off Check

This is another check that is important when you are considering buying a used vehicle. A write-off check will tell you if the vehicle you are considering has been involved in any type of accident or written off by an insurance company. While insurance companies write off cars for a variety of reasons, this always indicates that a vehicle is unsafe to drive. There are four types of write-offs. Type A are required to be scraped, while B may only be used for parts. Types C and D may be repaired and safely returned to the road.
You’ll gain peace of mind by knowing for certain that a vehicle is still roadworthy.

Buying a Write-Off Check

In some instances, you may determine that buying a write-off and repairing it is okay. However, you won’t know for sure whether a vehicle has been in an accident and repaired without a write-off check. You can purchase a HPI car check which will include a write-off check.

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