Has the car been imported or exported at any time during its life?

Imported / Exported Car Check

An HPI check can tell you if a vehicle you are considering purchasing has been imported, as well as if it has been recorded as exported. It can be very difficult to find an accurate history for imported vehicles, which is why it is important to know where the vehicle originated. At the same time, any vehicle that has been exported shouldn’t be for sale.

Effect on Value

Purchasing an imported vehicle can be more expensive. This is because it is usually more expensive to insure them and it can almost impossible to find replacement parts. Additionally, any vehicle that is registered as exported cannot be insured, meaning you cannot drive it. These two reasons are why it is so important to determine if a vehicle has been imported or exported.

Purchasing an Imported/ Exported Vehicle Check

You can choose to purchase an import/ export check by itself or along with two other checks. To ensure accurate information, HPI utilise police records, the DVLA database, and insurance company records.

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