Is the displayed mileage in keeping with the car condition?

Mileage Check

A mileage check allows you to make sure the mileage displayed on a vehicle’s odomitor is accurate. When the mileage isn’t correct, you face the prospect of significant and expensive problems, as well as serious mechanical failure. You are also a victim of vehicle fraud.
HPI use data made available by the National Mileage Records (NMR) to provide you with reliable and accurate mileage information. This is crucial for your peace of mind when purchasing a second-hand vehicle. This also ensures you take the vehicle in for the regular services it needs, depending on the number of miles it has.

Car Mileage Discrepancy

A discrepancy indicates that a vehicle has been clocked, meaning someone has altered the meter to show that the vehicle has been fewer miles than it has. People often do this to keep the mileage down and the vehicle’s value up. When this is done, you aren’t aware of the wear and tear on a vehicle, which could result in the need for costly repairs.

Purchasing a Car Mileage Check

HPI can perform a car mileage check as part of the HPI check. You may see companies advertise this service for free, but you can’t be sure of their reliability.

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