Alongside the car registration number, HPI also run full

vehicle identification number (VIN) checks for added protection

VIN Check

All HPI checks include a VIN check along with a vehicle registration check. This check determines if the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has had any problems recorded against it and the vehicle. When an issue is detected with a VIN, it signals that a vehicle may have been cloned, stolen, or had serious problems in the past that are now being hidden.

UK Car Chassis Number Check

The vehicle’s chassis number is checked against that listed on the logbook and V5C that accompany the vehicle. This allows you to make certain everything is in order and legitimate. If there isn’t a match, this indicates that the vehicle has been stolen or faced significant problems in the past. In this case, you are unlikely to obtain an accurate vehicle history.

Online Vehicle Search History

An HPI check gives you the opportunity to obtain an accurate history of any second-hand vehicle you may be thinking about buying.
Be aware that some places will offer free car checks. These are not genuine HPI checks and are very likely to contain inaccurate information. Contact us today for your quick and reliable HPI check.

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