HPI Checks include 4 market valuations for any vehicle

Car Valuation

Multiple factors are considered when determining a vehicle’s value. This includes the vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, and number of past owners. To ensure you do not pay too much for a vehicle or become a victim of fraud, you should always make sure the price you are planning to pay is accurate and hasn’t been inflated.
In most cases, HPI car check includes a car value. This ensures you understand how much you will have to pay and provides a good point for negotiating the best deal.

Past/ Future Valuations

In addition to providing the current value, an HPI check can provide information on the vehicle’s past value. This is necessary when determining the residual car value, as well as how much the vehicle may be worth if you plan to sell it in the future. Information of the past value can also help you see how accurate the current valuation is, determine whether you are getting a good deal, and highlight any discrepancies.
To determine a vehicle’s value, we utilise the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM). This ensures accuracy, rather than simply guessing the value based on multiple factors.

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