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But first…
Learn the risk that 53% of UK car buyers are taking when they buy a new, used car. As you’ll see the consequences can be disastrous.

I receive a handful of emails every week from car buyers that are experiencing problems with a used car they’ve recently bought, either from a motor dealer or privately.

Issues range from mechanical, previously hidden accident damage and mileage discrepancies. Another common problem is unknowingly buying a car that is stolen. The new owner has usually lost all their money, and their new car.


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An Unthinkable Risk

A good percentage of car buyers continue to take unnecessary risks when buying a used car. Being unable to tell a genuine second-hand car from a fake creates obvious problems and breeds mistakes.

But averages of 11 out of every 100 emails I receive are born from individuals that decide to not run an instant car check before buying a car.

A background check such as the ‘Instant Car Check’ costs very little money but provides you with the facts about a used vehicle’s history. For just a few pounds you purchase an assurance that the car you’re buying is genuine. This includes clearance on mileage discrepancies, insurance write offs, outstanding finance (car loans, hire purchase, PCP, leasing) and if a car has ever been stolen.

It’s puzzling that so many individuals are still buying cars blindfolded. It’s a risk and error in judgement. If you get stung you will never make the same mistake again, usually because it has cost you thousands of pounds and caused considerable stress to you and your family.


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Warning: Car checker services do NOT disclose all of the information about a used car


The Dirty Secret

Although a vehicle checker service is a MUST, it will only hold information that’s actually recorded against a vehicle. So, if a car has suffered an accident and the driver has settled the dispute without the insurance company, no record of that accident will be recorded!

There’s more…

In fact, only car accident insurance write-offs are recorded on a car checker service. Yes, even if your vehicle report is completely clear it does NOT guarantee that the vehicle has not been involved in one or more minor or major accidents.

As a professional car buyer of more than 20 years, I can tell you that buying a car that is genuine and accident-free is vitally important. Genuine, original cars lead to reliable and long lasting cars.

Knowing if a car is genuine and accident-free is something of a skill. If you want to learn exactly how to tell a straight and original car from one that’s had a prang, grab a copy of my car guide from the top menu. My private car buyer’s guide discloses all the information you need to tell a good car from a poor one.


Despite the facts, I urge you to run an Instant Car Check.



Watch my 2-minute walkthrough video below:



Follow the steps below to buy the correct car check package at the cheapest price on the market.

Instant Car Check Company has 3 packages you choose from:

Basic, Gold and Ultimate.

But on top of each option you have the choice to buy an additional mileage and/or finance check.

Here’s what to do.

I suggest leaving their Ultimate package because it costs five pounds more than the Gold and the extras you get are nothing more than car valuations that aren’t very reliable. These types of values often turn out to be pretty much worthless pieces of information (if you want to get the cars real valuation check out my valuations page in the top menu.)

Also, disregard their Basic package because it EXCLUDES key information you need to know. For example, the Basic doesn’t tell you if the car has ever been stolen or written off! Wow, I am surprised such a check exists.

You need to buy the Gold package and you need to buy the additional offers for mileage and finance checks.

Here’s how it looks:


  • 1 Gold Check £4.99
  • 1 Mileage Check £5.00
  • 1 Finance Check £3.00
  • Your Total £12.99


You’re also given the option to buy 3 extra gold checks for an additional four pounds. I’d suggest taking up this offer because it is such good value and you don’t know what you might find after running your initial check.


Note: The additional gold checks do NOT include the finance and mileage checks. You will still need to add those on as extras.


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So, for £12.99 you get the essential information about a used car. My method is cheaper than most other car checker providers but is guaranteed to get you the correct background history of the car you’re about to buy.

instant car check reviews image from Trust Pilot
Trust Pilot reviews for Instant Car Check

Review source: Trust Pilot

Visit their website and make a start.

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