–> Previously unknown – “A vehicle history check CANNOT tell you about every accident a used car has
suffered. It can only tell you about accidents that have been repaired (and recorded) through an
insurance company.


Would you still buy this car if you had seen its previous condition?


accident repaired car

accident damaged car


Take Control of Buying a Used Car. Get
Certainty That What Your Are Buying
Is Genuine, Reliable and Good Value.


Get the Full Car Buying Text Guide and Check Sheet System 
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There are 8 specific steps I use each time I buy a used car.
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You get access to:

A complete text guide that show what you need to look for and how to look for it on any used car in the UK.

You get print off check sheets for each section of the guide.
Take the check sheets with you, carry out each check on the used car and tick them off one by one.


Know if a fault is:


(A) acceptable, (B) needs repair or (C) walk away from the car immediately


Here are the 8 steps that you need to apply before laying a penny of your hard earned money on a used car.


Part 1 – Accident Damage Analysis

How to Know If a Car is Genuine or Has Been Involved in Accidents…Discover the exact strategy I use to find out if a car has been involved in any kind of accidents, minor or major. This one section alone is priceless and goes far beyond the scope of a vehicle history check or misinformed YouTube video or blog post. You’ll know a genuine car from a damage repaired one in just a few minutes.


Part 2 – Verify the mileage

17 Quick, easy and critical steps to confirming that the mileage of a car is true…With car clocking on the rise and 1 in 12 vehicles carrying a mileage discrepancy you can’t afford to not know this information.


Part 3 – 5 Minutes Everything Electrical

When you buy a used car from a dealer the vast majority of electrical items are not covered under your standard dealers used car warranty…This means you are liable for costly electrical repairs on items that either aren’t working or fail over time. I tell you what you need to check and how you need to test it.


Part 4 – Under the bonnet

19 Quick fire checks that I carry out on every single car I plan to buy…Used cars cost their owners unnecessary money when they don’t know the real condition of the vehicle. It’s all there to be seen once you know what you are looking for. I show you what, and how.


Part 5 – Boot and Tyre’s

Ever bought a used car without examining the boot properly?…I never buy a car without a thorough check in the boot area. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to avoid mistakes and costly bills.


Part 6 – Documentation Vetting

Equally important as the car itself is its documentation…I have 20 very quick, effective and essential steps that I carry out on vehicle documentation. These checks have saved me hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last 2 decades. Can you afford to take a risk on the legitimacy of the car you’re interested in buying?


Part 7 – The Perfect Test Drive

A knowledgeable test drive with 17 absolutely critical checks…A well-executed test drive can tell you 70% of a car’s true standing. Know if its had an accident, is true mileage, the genuine article, or likely to be a costly headache.


Part 8 – Haggle the Textbook Deal for You

Inside information from a dealer that’s been buying and selling used cars for the last 24 years…This section will put you in a position of power the next time you want to buy a used car and could literally save you thousands. This single section justifies this entire Member Area price all on its own.

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The Used Car Guy is a website authored by Marcus Rockey. Raised in the used car motor trade in Bristol, he has bought and sold over 9.1 million pounds worth of used cars in the U.K during the last 26 years.  He shares years of experience, knowledge and understanding from the inner circles of the used motor industry. His focus audience are those looking to buy a used car that’s genuine, reliable and excellent value.

The Used Car Guy “No other motor industry driven website shares such revealing and in depth information – Benefiting private car buyers and sellers across the UK.

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