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It’s good practice to get several online quotes before selling to any ‘cash for cars near me’ service, such as We Buy Any Car.

And, from my experience car valuations will differ by several hundred pounds depending on which service you use. Of the last 17 cars I valued online, We Buy Any Car offered the least every single time. Of the 38 motorists I asked, 33 admitted they sold their car to We Buy Any Car for less than they were quoted online. Defects and battle scars are the biggest factors in valuation and We Buy Any Car slash valuations for what can only be described as, minor defects.


In contrast, Trusted Car Buyers values came out on top 17 times out of 17 and their current method is a little different to other services. They still take account of vehicle defects but are moderate in their price reductions.


You may know that there’s a section of Trusted Car Buyers website that asks you to declare any damage or faults your car has before you arrive at their depot to sell. In this article, I will show you what you need to include for their buy my car service and where to find it on their website.

When done correctly, these important steps can help you sell your car to Trusted Car Buyers for the same amount of money you were quoted online.


Car Buyers Near Me – How to fetch the most money for your motor.


Visit their website

Step 1


Visit their website, enter your vehicle’s registration number and click ‘VALUE MY CAR’.


garages that buy cars near me image


Step 2


Confirm your vehicles, mileage, numbers of owners, quality of service history and any optional extras. Next, enter your name, email address, postal code, contact number and the approximate time until you are ready to sell.


review of Trusted Car Buyers


Note – before you submit your information scroll down the page and you’ll find some VITAL INFORMATION. Trusted Car Buyers inform you that they are basing their online quote on certain assumptions.


we buy any car depots near me


To sell your car for the same amount you are about to be quoted, your car must:


1. Have at least 1 months MOT
2. Have two sets of keys
3. Have not damage including interior or mechanical
4. Not be imported
5. Not have a personalised registration number (as this complicates the sales process)
6. Never have been subject to an insurance loss i.e. CAT C or D, or been used for rental, private hire (including taxis), driving tuition or as a police     vehicle
7. Not be a Non-Runner


You will also notice a headline stating that you can update these assumptions after your initial online evaluation. This is a legitimate statement. I will show you how and where to enter your cars defects in a moment.


Review disclaimer:

Just below you will also read that Trusted Car Buyers hold the right to changing their online valuation should your cars history, condition or features have a derogatory effect on how much the car is worth.


Also noteworthy is a BACS transfer payment 3 days after the sale date. You can pay £49.99 should you want an instant bank transfer.

Once you have read and understood the detail click ‘GET MY VALUATION’.


Step 3


A few seconds later you are given your ‘initial quotation’.


cars for cash near me image


Below, you will see an ‘Update Assumptions’ link.

Click the link and you are taken to a new page


Step 4


There’s lots of information on this page but let’s focus on the critical areas as you scroll to the bottom.


car buyer near me


Here we find an image of a car that includes options for bodywork condition, mechanical condition and interior condition.

Using bodywork condition as an example here, you can click on an area of the car image and select a piece of damage.

Here, I clicked on the left wheel, left door (passenger side), windscreen and indicated some minor pieces of damage. You will see the damage declaration to the right of the screen as you enter each piece of new information.


damage declaration image for Trusted Car Buyer


Carry out the same steps for the mechanical and interior condition of the car.

I recommend that you are reasonably thorough with this step. But, I don’t see the need to disclose every single defect the car may have. For example, if your car makes a rumbling sound at 75 MPH whilst on the motor way, it’s not really in your interest to declare it. The Trusted Car Buyers representative isn’t every going to know about it so you may not feel it’s necessary to include?

However, anything that is visible or can easily be heard when the car is stationary with the engine running should be included else it will affect your sale price.


Finally, click ‘UPDATE VALUATION’ to get the actual price you will fetch for your car with Trusted Car Buyers.


  • My initial online valuation was £6,881.00
  • My final online valuation after including any damage, faults or alterations was £6,706.00

–> That equals a £175.00 reduction in car valuation.


Considering the damage included, a £175.00 price reduction is minimal. I carried out the same steps, using the same car with We Buy Any Car and found my valuation to be an incredible £411.00 less than that of Trusted Car Buyers!


To conclude my Trusted Car Buyers Review


If I were to use a ‘cash for cars near me’ service it would certainly be Trusted Car Buyers as they offered me over £400.00 more than that of their main buy my car competitor.

Trusted Car Buyers have locations including:

Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Leicester, Bletchley, Salford, Barnsley, Wakefield, Tamworth, Birmingham and more…

After your online quotation, the website will direct you to your nearest branch.


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cash for cars near me review image

Review source: Feefo

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