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10 Surprising Ways to Make Money Using Your Car.

No matter where you live or what kind of car you have, there are quite a few ways you could be making money that doesn’t involve a regular job. With these options, you can make a little part-time income or a decent full-time paycheck.

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Rent it Out

Have a car that you don’t drive very often? You could rent it out for a few days a week. For example, when you rent your car with Hyrecar, drivers for services like Uber and Lyft rent cars to drive.

Give Rides

If you would rather use your car to give rides yourself, Uber and Lyft make it easy to sign up and start. While Lyft is only available in 7 countries, Uber is available in 80 and counting.

Make Deliveries and Run Errands

Whether you have a van or not it’s possible to take on small delivery work. You could offer a package or food transport service or help get someone’s pet to the groomer and back. Some online services, like Nimber, will help you find a delivery on a route you’re going to use anyway.

Give Driving Lessons

Have you been driving for a few years? Are you good with people? Can you keep calm and stick to the rules? The flexible life of a driving instructor might be perfect for you. Before you begin, you’ll have to qualify, and the tests aren’t easy. This method can also take up to a year before you start earning.

Help Someone Move

Similar to making deliveries, offering your services as a mover will let you take full advantage of a larger vehicle and as much physical strength as you have. Though, you may want to specialize in moving from apartment to apartment or smaller households, depending on the size of your vehicle.

Get Paid to Advertise

You’ve probably seen at least a few cars with advertisements wrapped around them. Allowing your car to be covered in an advertisement is temporary and a way to earn by just driving your car with minimal extra effort. In fact, it would make a great combination with a delivery service or ride-share option. The easiest way to find advertisers is with a website like Use That Space.

Make a Video Tutorial

Are you good at car maintenance and repair? Making a few video tutorials detailing the process could make you some extra cash on a site like YouTube. All you need to do is post a few good videos, and you can get paid from the advertisements played on them.

Set Up a Tour

If you love your local area and would love to share it with the world, Use That Space could be just the business for you. Designing the tour and finding your first customers can take a little time but this small, part-time venture can grow into a rewarding career if you want it to.

Join a Car Boot Sale

Selling your stuff is a tried and true tactic for making a little extra cash. Your success will depend a lot on what you have to sell, the crowd the sale attracts and your bargaining skills. Rather than choosing any old spot, several places online as well as the local newspapers will give a list of larger deals nearby.

Get Kids to School

The daily school run can be a drain on many a parent’s time and energy. By offering to take their children to and from school for them, you can give them a less stressful and rushed day. The more nanny-type qualifications you have, the better, you will do in this role.


With any of these services, you will need to make sure to check with your insurance to make sure everything is covered. Once you’ve done that, you can be out there on the road and earn a steady income in no time.

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