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I never thought I could feed a sense of anxiety when I was in the process of selling a car on Autotrader. However from my anxious days of selling my car on Autotrader, I’ve come a long way since and have gathered an invaluable amount of experience when it comes to selling used cars in general. As such, take the opportunity to capitalize on my knowledge and experience by utilising this article as a guide to help you to make the process of selling your car a much smoother and more profitable one.

1) Gather Your Vehicle’s Record
One of the things I’ve noticed as a car dealer is that buyers love to get a long list of a used vehicle’s maintenance records Therefore, ensure that you gather any records that involve the maintenance of your vehicle such as: tire changes, oil changes, tune-ups and repairs. The reason why you should gather your vehicle’s maintenance records is that in the eyes of a buyer, you will be viewed as a responsible, honest and caring vehicle owner who strives to ensure that their vehicle runs smoothly.

2) Clean Your Vehicle
Even though this may seem obvious, many people fail to thoroughly clean their vehicles before they choose to put it on the market. If you haven’t done so already, remove all big items from your car including personal items in the trunk and glove box. Additionally, ensure that on top of getting your vehicle washed, that you vacuum the interior portions of it as well.

3) Create An Ideal Price
When it comes to pricing your vehicle, you’ll want to avoid the possibility of pricing it too high or too low. As such, check with a local dealer and online resources such as www.parkers.co.uk and www.rac.co.uk, so that you can gain an accurate idea of the running value of your vehicle.

4) Market Your Vehicle
Once you have done this, it’s time to market your vehicle. The thing to remember is that when it comes to marketing your car you should utilize several different marketing platforms. When it comes to marketing your vehicle you have a variety of options that are available:

a. Online classifieds
One of the places where you can market your vehicle is through an online classified ad. Websites such as Craigslist and Gumtree, give you the opportunity to showcase your vehicle. If you elect to utilise an online classified ad, ensure that you provide a thorough description such as the make and model of the vehicle, its current condition and mileage for example.

b. Autotrader
Another option that you have at your disposal is Autotrader. What makes this option so effective when it comes to selling your vehicle is that since they provide hundreds of thousands of magazines to different outlets throughout the UK, you’ll essentially be able to get your vehicle seen by thousands of individuals who may be interested in your vehicle.

c. Social Media
Another option that’s worth noting is social media. You’d be surprised at the amount of groups on social media websites such as Facebook that specialises in giving car owners an opportunity to sell their vehicles to other interested individuals

Other tips that help my sell my car:
* Most people are afraid of going to a dealership so they elect to purchase from a private seller. Therefore, ensure that your potential buyers feel warm and comfortable.
* Ensure that you get your potential buyers to drive the vehicle before you negotiate a price. That’s simply because after driving it, they may begin to fall in love with it.
* Whether you choose to communicate with potential buyers by email, phone or SMS, ensure that you respond to every enquiry as soon as possible.

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