Portable In-Car DVD Players Reviewed

Round-up of In-Car Portable DVD Players From Leading UK Retailers

Sooner or later almost all parents will take to the road for a lengthy car journey. From toddlers to teenager’s almost all adolescents begin to feel bored and frustrated after an hour or so in the car. And let’s face it, there’s only so much I-Spy With My Little Eye and word association games parents can manage before they are left feeling drained and ready for some distraction.

In-car DVD players from retailers like Currys, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Amazon provide a simple and affordable solution in our digital media age. Personally, I don’t believe that DVD’s are going anywhere fast. Sure, streaming from platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime and on the rise but most families carry a decent collection of DVD’s to choose for a long journey.

And, movie streaming services will always rely on mobile data signals (have you ever driven the Brecken Beacons?) Whereas DVD’s can be played wherever you are.

Below are two in-car DVD player reviews. You may be surprised at just how affordable in-car DVD players are in 2016/2017 and beyond, but be sure to think about the features you need before making a purchase.

Voyager 7 inch Dual In Car Portable DVD Player with Easy Fit Mount

Importantly, ensure the Voyager model you are buying includes the capability of playing more than one movie across both screens (the one listed below does include separate screen usage so you should be fine.)

Although this model is marginally more expensive than the PM model, it’s the only device you will want should your young ones be of varying ages. Have you ever got a 12-year-old to watch Peppa Pig with their younger sibling? (Well-done if you have.)

Sainsburys in-car DVD player image for The Used Car Guy

I’d say that the Voyager 7 is not the most intuitive in-car DVD player as some of the functions are quite simplistic. For example, there are four main controls located around a central ring with buttons to move a film play forward/backwards, up and down.

However, such control types are easy for young ones to manage and I think this is a part of the design features that support easy usability.

A great feature of the DVD player is the mounting that is very quick and easy to set up.

The device is powered by a standard 12V phone/cigarette socket that you can find in almost any UK car. Once you are powered up the second screen is easily enabled by running a cable from one screen to the other. Note, you may get a little frustrated keeping the wires tidy so a simple hairband can be enormously helpful.

Picture quality is 480x234 pixels. So, not crystal clear HD quality picture but certainly acceptable for young ones up to the age of 14 I’d say. A nice feature is the ‘auto-resume’ functions that allow your kids to carry on watching from where they left off (ideal after a quick service station break.)

The device speakers are built in and ideal for children who are a little too young to wear headphones.

Older kids will enjoy earbud headphones and the ability to connect wireless headphones (note, wireless headphones are not included in the price.)

This device also includes USB and SD slots and the player supports the usual file formats, including MP3 and JPEG.

Finally, both screens have their own remote controls! A nice bonus.

With a little searching on Tesco, Currys and Sainsbury’s websites I found this device cheaper at Amazon.co.uk. Their discounted offer is:
The Voyager 7” Dual DVD Player was £149.99 but now on offer at £102.95.

official review of Voyager 7 in car DVD player from Amazon.co.uk

DBPOWER 9.5” Portable DVD Player

This portable DVD player is available from Tesco, Currys, Sainsbury’s and Amazon. This device looks, feels and acts quite differently to the Voyager 7 listed above.

Bear in mind that this DVD player is a little heavier than the average, largely due to the polymer lithium battery that promises 5 hours of continuous play. The extended play time is a great feature and in my opinion, overcomes the weight disadvantage.

Car DVD player that is portable from Tescos image for The Used Car Guy

Not so much of a feature but more of a necessity is the SD card slot and USB port to enable movie play without a DVD, and game-play.

Again, these adaptations are common on any reasonable in car DVD player.

The DB 9.5” is a great screen size but I found the buttons and navigation functions to be a little clunky. Also, the general feel of this player is somehow bulky and a little difficult to manage. Not to say I don’t like the machine but it’s not a seamless experience to use.

However, for the slim price, I guess we can’t complain.

As with most portable DVD players, you’ll find CD, MP3, DVD, JPEG compatibility. Perhaps my favourite feature is the 360-degree swivel feature so it can be used in a TV style or table view to help improve visibility. An earphone port is also included in this model.

Note MP4 is supported but only at 480x320 resolution.
Game controller and car charger are included.

Overall I like this portable DVD player because the picture is crisp, the functions are easy to use and the volume plays louder than I expected (which can be an important feature if your car carries a lot of road noise!

This portable DVD player needs 12 hours of charge before a full 5 hours’ usage can be enjoyed.

Again, having checked out Currys, Sainsbury’s and Tesco I cannot find it cheaper than with Amazon:
DBPOWER 9.5” Portable DVD Player now only £56.99 with Amazon

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Hope you enjoyed the review of two leading car DVD players.

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