Sat Nav Round-up and Review


Best Sat Nav 2016 / 2017 Round-up

What Sat Navs Including Garmin and TomTom?


I’ve taken a hard look at some of the new, leading sat-navs on the market today. If you are thinking between a TomTom, Garmin or a larger investment in a top-end sat-navigation, here’s all the information you need to make an informed choice.

GPS satellite technology?


Smartphones are becoming ever more powerful with growing features and apps for sat-navigation. Importantly, they do provide many of the functions the best sat-navs offer, but there are also some disadvantages.

Main issues with phone apps for route planning

  1. They drain your battery – my iPhone has a battery that lasts about 12 hours with average daily usage. But, use one of the many sat-nav-apps and the battery is drained in less than two hours. Even when the phone is charging in the car the battery still seems to drain.
  2. Can’t handle calls – Yes, I had an incoming call right at an interchange in central London. Not only could I not use the phone navigation but I lost the call. All these distractions caused me to wrong slot and go a few miles out of my way.
  3. Signal black spots – No phone can direct you unless it has signal.

In contrast, the best sat-nav sets have offline map systems that don’t require internet usage, have larger non-reflective screens (than even the iPhone 6 plus) and include easy to use software’s that can be used on the move.

You also enjoy added features including tourist attractions, amenities and traffic/roadwork problems ahead.

Best Sat Nav 2016 & 2017 – Prices


As you might expect, there are a variety of price points when buying a modern sat-nav. Typically, prices range from as little as £50 up to around the £350 mark. Garmin and TomTom are the recommended brands which can be somewhat limiting but they do offer a wide range of devices, which are listed below.

Things you need from even the cheapest sat-nav

Look for something that will get you from point A to B as easy as possible. So, ensure the set you buy includes alternative routes and live traffic updates. Without these essential features, I wouldn’t bother buying one in.

This Weeks Best Sat-Nav Deals

Discounted deals for TomTom Sat Navs


(Ideal for your average user who’s travelling around 10,000 miles per year)

Amazon is currently offering a great TomTom deal
TomTom Go 40 was £139.00 now on offer at £104.99
Tom Tom Go 50 was £149.99 now on offer at £84.00

Device features

  • 4.3” Screen – this is a reasonable size for the price tag
  • 3D Maps – this means that attractions like landmarks and buildings are in 3D
  • Lifetime Maps – this is a vital feature, meaning you get the most up to date maps for the life of the sat-nav.

Click here to get a bit more information about one of the best sat-navs of 2016 & 2017.

TomTom Sat Nav image for The Used Car Guy

Discounted deals for Garmin Sat Navs


(Good for those motorists that want some added features and a more robust, long-lasting and larger device)

Device features

There’s a host of features with this device but my favourite is the 7” screen and full European lifetime maps and traffic. So, if you struggle to focus on directions this device is ideal. This Garmin sat-nav is 60% bigger than the TomTom listed above.

Garmin Sat Nav image for The Used Car Guy

Map Features


Will you be using your device abroad or just at home? The majority of sat-navs will include European navigation, but only some include global. Note, only some devices offer lifetime map updating which means you may need to pay separately for the latest updates and features.

If you’re going to invest more than £100 and want the best features a sat-nav has to offer, avoid models that date from before 2014. You could easily end up spending more money to get the most up to date information.

Traffic Features


Almost all of today’s best sat-navs offer live traffic updates that alert you of potential traffic jams and roadworks. So, double check that the device you are buying includes traffic services and if you are required to pay for updates after a certain time (usually 12 months after purchase.)

Whilst some devices naturally include traffic updates others ask that you pair your mobile device to access data connection. This can be a real pain in the butt and something I suggest you try to avoid. For a few more pounds you can save yourself considerable time and stress (particularly if you regard yourself as unsavvy with electronic devices.)

If you’re a speed merchant a speed camera warning feature is a must. Not all devices include this feature so if it’s important to you be sure to check it out prior to making an investment.

Device Size


Size doesn’t matter to everyone but I find smaller devices a little distracting. 4” is the absolute minimum and the TomTom listed above meets this criteria at 4.3”. Personally, I like larger devices so the Garmin 7” Sat Nav is the one for me.

Also, worth noting is the screen resolution. I like a minimum of 272x480 displays, but if you want information about points of interest, local amenities etc. I suggest looking out for a model with a higher res.


The best sat nav of 2016 and 2017 will include Bluetooth connectivity and voice-activated control. This allows you to make phone calls as a handsfree device via your sat-nav. Give some careful consideration to your requirements before you make a purchase.

Now is a great time to buy the top notch Garmin Sat Nav
Garmin DriveSmart 7 Inch was £279.99 | now £247.25 (12% discount)

official Amazon review of the Garmin Sat Nav

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Hope you have found this article useful.

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